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Purap Bedsore Mattress
Prevent and Heal Bedsores

1. Helps heal existing sores

2. Prevents new sores

3. Has lowest peak pressures

PURAP's advantages over air and gel mattresses

Fluid 3D Flotation eliminates peak pressure points (pressure hotspots)

Increases contact area to dissipate pressure, provide uniform support

Does not 'pack-down' or 'sink-in' and doesn't lock you in one position

Fluid micro-movements avoid pressure buildup on any one spot

Use over your existing mattress
get setup in seconds

Born from personal experience

Sores can start developing within 2 hours. Once sores form, they are extremely difficult to get rid of. We should know.

One of our founder's father-in-law developed a bedsore while at a skilled nursing facility. None of the existing products helped and he ultimately passed away due to complications related to his sores.

Our search for something that actually worked led us to create the 3D Flotation technology and our anti-sore products.

The difference between PURAP and other mattress pads

High pressure ■ ■ ■  Low pressure

Comparative Pressure Distribution Maps of the PURAP mattress pad

Other bedsore mattresses

Compress and contour according to body-weight distribution, creating highly uneven pressure distribution

Concentrate pressure only on a few contact points (typically areas below your sit bones)

These areas become high pressure points or "pressure hotspots" that cause pain, cut off blood flow, and create pressure sores.

High pressure ■ ■ ■  Low pressure

Pressure Distribution Map of a Normal Mattress

PURAP bedsore mattress pad

Fluid technology increases direct support area and distributes pressure more evenly regardless of body-weight distribution

Eliminates high pressure points (pressure hotspots) by dissipating pressure laterally

+ Prevents and helps heal sores, reduces pain, and maintains skin microclimate

High pressure ■ ■ ■  Low pressure

Pressure Distribution Map of the PURAP Pad

Making a difference to people's lives

Features and Specifications

Waterproof top

Can be easily cleaned with mild cleanser wipes. Especially useful in the case of incontinent patients.

No other setup

Use on top of your existing mattress. Flexible and portable so you can use it with almost any mattress.

Clinically tested

The fluid 3D Flotation technology has been clinically tested at Stanford University Hospital.


No pumps or motors make it absolutely quiet, helping patients get uninterrupted sleep.

Dimensions & weight

Assembled & Designed

Testing information

Return period