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with our simple-to-choose products

For those who drive long hours

For the disabled & wheelchair-bound

For those who sit long hours

For the elderly & bedridden

1. Purap Wheelchair Seat Cushion
prevent and heal pressure sores

2. KIRO Oasis Seat Cushion
prevent and relieve sitting pain

3. Purap Bedsore Mattress Pad
prevent and heal pressure sores

4. KIRO Back Cushion
for back pain and lumbar support

60 Day Return
so you can start seeing results

Our products feel different - you won't "sink" into them and you won't feel like you are sitting on feathers. That's because our products are different from anything you have tried before.

What we know for sure is that our products work. Whether you want to get relief from sitting pain or heal pressure sores, most people start seeing results within a week or so. Some people take slightly longer.

So we want to give you time to see real results. So if you purchase directly from us, we give you a 60 day return period. And if you purchase from Amazon or Walmart, register the product with us and we will still give you the 60 day return period.

Go ahead and order your product now.

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