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KIRO Oasis Back Cushion
Relief from back pain

1. Provides relief from back pain

2. Maintains neutral spine position

3. Use in cars, office chairs, flights

KIRO's advantages over foam and gel cushions

Fluid 3D Flotation dissipates pressure and eliminates all high pressure points

Dampens vibrations and sudden movements that aggravate back pain

Decompresses spine and helps maintain a neutral back position

Does not pack down and does not have a rigid contour

Large size for full back support
plush, breathable front

Uses technology designed for medical use

The KIRO Oasis cushions use fluid 3D Flotation technology that was developed for and is used in our medical use cushions and mattress pad, which are used by patients who are bedridden or in wheelchairs.

The technology provides the lowest peak pressures and is designed for heavy use every single day.

The difference between PURAP and other cushions

Normal cushions

Compress and push back creating high-pressure "pinching" points on your back.

Are no different from your existing car and office chair backs and offer no advantages over them.

Pack-down and form a rigid contour, so you have to shift positions to find the "right" position to be comfortable.

Normal Back Cushion 

KIRO Oasis Back Cushion

Fluid technology distributes pressure more uniformly and helps the spine decompress.

Absorbs vibrations and dampens sudden movements which can aggravate back pain.

Does not pack down and form a rigid contour. Fluid micromovements continually adjust so you don't have to find the "perfect" position.

KIRO Oasis Back Cushion 

Making a difference to people's lives

Features and Specifications

Flexible and portable

Fits most car and office chairs and can be easily transferred. 

Fluid layer

Fluid layer aligns perfectly to any back shape and helps get full, firm support.

Clinically tested

The fluid 3D Flotation technology has been clinically tested at Stanford University Hospital.

Breathable Front

Mesh fabric front is highly breathable. Fabric does not stick to your back like other cushions.

Dimensions & weight

Assembled & Designed

Testing information

Return period