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Fluid 3D Flotation Technology
Provides lowest peak pressures

1. Outperforms gel, foam, and alternating air products

2. Unique fluid layer provides lowest peak pressure

3. Patented and clinically tested

Main benefits of fluid 3D Flotation technology

Fluid 3D Flotation eliminates peak pressure points (hotspots)

Increases contact area to dissipate pressure, provide uniform support

Does not pack down or sink-in and does not lock you in one position

Micromovements of the fluid avoid pressure buildup on any one spot

​Proven to be effective


In clinical tests, 3D Flotation reduced sacral peak pressure in patients by 23%.


In clinical tests, 70% of patients reported increased comfort with PURAP.

Fluid 3D Flotation vs. Other technologies

Memory foam, gel and alternating air systems

- Compress and "spring back" according to body-weight distribution, creating highly uneven pressure distribution.

- They don't fill in every imperfection of your body and end up concentrating pressure only on a few contact points (typically areas below your sit bones).

- They "sink-in" and they lock you in place which aggravates the problem of high pressure points.

- These high pressure points or "pressure hotspots" cause pain, affect blood flow, and create pain and numbness.


Normal surfaces compress, sink-in and create high pressure points

Fluid 3D Flotation Technology

+ Unique fluid doesn't compress and doesn't spring back. Instead, it dissipates pressure laterally towards the edges.

+ Fluid technology fills in uneven body surfaces and increases direct support area. This eliminates high pressure points.

+ Doesn't sink in. Fluid micromovements further prevent pressure buildup on any specific points. 

+ Helps build sitting and resting surfaces that provide unparalleled comfort and pain relief.


Fluid 3D Flotation does not compress or sink. It prevents formation of high pressure spots.

Born from personal experience

One of our founder's father-in-law developed a bedsore while at a skilled nursing facility. None of the existing products helped and he ultimately passed away due to complications related to his sores.

We decided to build something that that actually worked for relieving pressure and preventing pain, and it led us to create the 3D Flotation technology and our anti-sore and pain-relief products.